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Five reasons to visit Mandalay

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Five reasons to visit Mandalay

Mandalay, the economic and religious hub of Myanmar, is full of attractions you cannot deny. Mandalay is centered around the Royal Palace and has wide lane filled with bicycles and motorcycles and is known for cultural diversity. Here are five reasons why Mandalay deserves your attention.


1. The Pagodas

Mandalay and surrounding towns are known for hundreds of pagodas and monasteries found in the area. Many famous Pagodas such as Mandalay Myat Muni Pagoda and Kuthodaw Pagoda, which is the site of the world’s largest book are located in Mandalay. As I have mentioned before in my previous articles, Shwenandaw Monastery which is made entire out teak wood with beautiful cravings also made up the list of attractions to visit the city.

Mandalay2. The Royal Palace

The last Royal Palace of the last Myanmar monarchy, the Royal Palace is a must visit place in Mandalay. The palace is the primary symbol of Mandalay as well as a major tourist attraction. This is where you can learn a great deal about the architecture and etiquette of the last royals of Myanmar.

Mandalay3. The Mandalay Hill and the Views

A hill covered in spires and pagodas at the northeast of Mandalay Palace, which offers 360-degree viewpoint of the town and beyond, is no other than the Mandalay Hill. You will get to watch the most epic sunset from the hill and the breathtaking view of Mandalay city.

Mandalay4.  The Markets

Zay Cho market and Jade market are definitely one of the reasons why you should visit Mandalay. Zay Cho market is not only the largest but also the oldest market in town. As for Jade market, this is a fascinating spot, with vendors displaying everything from huge chunks of the green rock to tiny fragments, while in the afternoon session other precious stones and gems also make their appearance.